The All Day Jumpsuit

Color: Midnight

One piece and out the door: your new favorite plus size jumpsuit is ready for anything.

Incredibly soft and comfy for wearing all day long. Polished, chic aesthetic for wearing anywhere.

Please note that our jumpsuit has a 'relaxed' fit: if you're in between sizes or prefer a more fitted silhouette, we recommend sizing down.


·  Ori signature French Terry fabric with just the right amount of stretch. We designed this piece from the same French Terry fabric that was a sell-out hit in our dress.

·  Super washer & dryer friendly

·  Flattering scooped neckline

·  Roomy, comfy, useful pockets

·  Extra long detached waist tie — wear with or without

·  Easy zipper: it zips down far enough to step in, but reach-able so that you can zip it yourself

·  Relaxed straight leg

Size Chart

Ori Size Bust Waist Hip
0 12/14 41 - 44" 34 - 47" 44 - 47"
1 16/18 45 - 49" 38 - 42" 48 - 52"
2 20/22 50 - 53" 43 - 46" 53 - 56"
3 24/26 54 - 59" 47 - 52" 57 - 62"
4 28/32 60 - 64" 53 - 58" 63 - 68"


Ask a Question
  • Can you send out a sample swatch of the fabric?

    Hi Alma, thanks so much for the question!  I wish we could -- the fabric is lovely! -- but we don't do swatches, at least for the time being.  But, our return policy is free shipping both ways within 30 days to de-risk the online shopping experience. Hope that helps and let us know if any more questions :)

  • Can this be worn so the zipper is in front?

    Hi Sarah!  Now that would be fabulous -- a reversible front-to-back garment -- but this is definitely a zipper-in-the-back-only garment :)  Thanks so much, and let us know if any other questions!!

  • A practical question-with the placement of the zipper in the back (mid/upper back) how easy is it to unzip?

    Hi Becky!  Thanks so much for the note.  For the zipper placement -- that's actually why we designed the jumpsuit with a subtle V-back closure -- we wanted to make sure the zipper was super accessible and easy to self-zip and un-zip for all-day wear.  This question made us think we should do a quick video next week of 'getting in and out of the jumpsuit' to give a better visual :)

    Thanks and let us know if any other questions!

  • What is the fiber makeup of your French terry?

    Hi, thanks for the question! This Stretch French Terry for the jumpsuit is a poly/rayon/spandex blend. This is the same fabric blend for the Signature French Terry Dress and the French Terry Skirt. We love this specific fabric blend for its softness, durability in the washer & dryer, wrinkle resistance, and drape/movement on the body.

    The Embroidered French Terry Sweatshirt is 100% cotton, and is also soft and lovely; but has different care instructions, in that anything cotton shouldn't go near the dryer  :)

    Thanks so much and let us know if more q's!  xx

  • What is the torso length? I have a long body so I want to make sure it isn’t too short. LOVE your clothes!!

    Hi Mary, thanks for the question (and delighted you are loving your other pieces)!

    Here are two measurements for your reference:

    From shoulder to waist, the jumpsuit measures 16 1/2" on our Size 1.
    The rise (waist to crotch) measures 16" on our Size 1. 

    ^ Both of these measurements increase/decrease slightly as you go up or down a size -- let us know if you are looking at a specific size :)  Thanks so much!

  • How is fit? Does it run true to size?

    Hi Kaley! Our jumpsuit has a more relaxed fit: if you're in-between sizes or prefer a more fitted silhouette, we recommend sizing down. Thank you!

  • Is this the same fabric as the french terry dress?

    Hi Sara! Yes, this is the same fabric as the French Terry dress :)

  • Hi Ori! Two questions based on the fact that I love, love, love my French Terry Dress that y'all made: 1. Is this the same French Terry fabric as the dress? (Obsessed with it and will buy basically anything you design in it.) 2. Is the belt attached to the jumpsuit, or is it detached, like the dress? I love that I can wear the dress with or without the belt and get two different looks. Also, not opposed to snagging more of these detached belts, lol, they are wonderful. Thank you in advance!

    Hi Sammie! Delighted you love the original French Terry Dress :)

    Thanks for the question—answering in order:

    (1) Yes! It's our signature French Terry fabric, the same as the original dress. (We're obsessed w/ this fabric too; also our fav, also something we want to design more silhouettes into this year.)

    (2) The belt on the jumpsuit is detached, just like the dress! The jumpsuit also has a tunneled elastic waist, which nips it in just a bit while still maintaining the relaxed shape with no belt; adding the belt gives it a much more defined waist.

    (We've had especially great feedback on wearing the belt from our customers who write in as 'pear shaped.')

    The only difference in belts is that this one for the jumpsuit is significantly longer than our first dress belt to give you more options for tying into different knots/bows. Same exact fabric and shape—if you have the black dress and the black jumpsuit, they are totally interchangeable (outside of the jumpsuit version being longer!).

  • If my measurements fall into different sizes, is there one measurement that’s best to go by for this?

    Yes! For the jumpsuit, prioritize the waist measurement to get the right size - the other measurements are a bit more relaxed on this garment, but the waist will be your best indicator.

    Let us know if we can help with anything else - thanks!

  • What are the inseams on the various sizes? Thanks!

    Hello! All sizes have a 21 1/4" inseam. Thank you for asking!

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