About Us


👋  Our mission is to make beautiful clothing that empowers you — at any size — to look and feel your very best, every single day.


We live in our clothes!  What you wear — it matters.  Day in and day out, what we wear shapes our day.

And when we choose to wear something, it’s often because of the way it makes us feel.

The best garments are the ones you reach for first.  They’re comfortable, they fit well, and they inspire confidence.

Fashion, and society at large, has been pushing women to be smaller since … forever.  Small has always been the ideal.  Take up less space.  Say a little bit less.  Pls blend into a passive, agreeable, supporting role.

^ Nah.  We’d rather say what we think, be seen, and be heard.  And we’re going to look incredibly put together while we’re doing it.  In whatever size we happen to be rn.

We couldn’t find those comfortable, contemporary garments in an inclusive size range that make us look and feel brighter from the inside out —

— so we decided to make them. ⚡



Our launch collection started from a long-winded survey.

We knew we wanted to develop a contemporary collection, combining amazing fabrics and technical design graded specifically from a larger size.

But instead of just making what we would wear (& trust, that's in there too 😏) — we went straight to the source to ask: what do you like and dislike about what you’re wearing now?  What styles, fabrics, aesthetics are missing?

What do you wish you could wear more?

We received an incredibly enthusiastic response — 8,000+ submissions (!) — so we planned a follow up in-person fitting at our office in Venice.  We had the chance to meet so many of you in person and get even more feedback for our launch collection … what a weekend!


Flash forward through many months of product development:

·   sourcing the perfect soft, lightweight, textured fabrics with great drape and durability;
·   integrating technical design elements like forward-angle seams, slightly scooped necklines, elongated sleeve lengths, carefully measured shoulder slope and curved hemlines;
·   translating hand-drawn artwork to garment embroidery;
·   dipping and double-dipping different colorways for each fabric;
·   rounds & rounds of sample revisions back and forth ✈️ between our design team and our incredible manufacturing partners in Japan

… and finally, we’re ready to show you what we’ve been working on.



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We can't wait for you to try everything on!

🤗  Xoxo, team Ori

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Recyclable Packaging

Because the Earth should be comfy, too. We use 100% recyclable kraft mailers and re-usable, recyclable garment bags.

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